I am a Consultant General Paediatrician, practicing from rooms in Hurstville, NSW, and with appointments at Sydney Children’s Hospital, St George Hospital, St George Private Hospital and Hurstville Private Hospital. I am currently Neonatology Department Head at Hurstville Private Hospital.


As a paediatrician, I am fortunate to have contact with a broad range of different families every day.  My job is to guide those families down different pathways depending on the needs of their children. Sometimes that can be coordinating complex care of a very unwell child, or on many occasions reassuring parents that their child is well and that they don’t need to be worried.




As a parent of four girls, including a newborn, I am very aware of how difficult it can be navigating the challenges of parenthood. Parents are bombarded by information every day, and deciphering what to take notice of, and what to simply let fly by, can be confusing. This is particularly the case for new parents, but even very experienced parents can become lost amidst information overload.

In creating Paed Preferred, I hope to be able to help parents navigate their way through newborn and child-based products, from sleep to feeding to skincare, and everything in between.


I hope you find the site informative and useful, and would love to hear from you with your feedback.


Dr. Scott Dunlop