Phillips Avent Steamer Blender 

What:  2-in-1 Combined Steamer Blender 
Price:   RRP $219.95 (but shop around for cheaper)
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Phillips Avent 2-in-1 Combined Steamer and Blender 


Solid Feeding  


  • Healthy steaming

  • Steam & Blend in one jar

  • Weaning advice & recipes



All parents are looking for reliable, quick and easy products to use when it comes to baby feeding. So thank god for the Avent Combined Steamer and Blender. This product is relatiuvely new to market, but is popular with many of my patients.


In our household, the Steamer/Blender has worked beautifully, very quickly making pureed foods for a bub just commencing solids. We have the world’s smallest kitchen, so the compact size is a godsend, and saves pulling out a pot and a food processor to do the same thing. The product is 16.5cm in diameter at the base and about 30cm tall – I would definitely travel with it without sacrificing too much luggage space.


This product couldn’t be any easier to use. There is minimal assembly required, and 2 settings – Steam or Blend. You can’t go wrong. Just flip the jar over in between each mode. Once you follow the instructions once, you’re home and hosed to steam and blend away to your heart’s content. If you need more, there are nifty online videos available.


My patients who are first time mums definitely appreciate the booklet of weaning recipes, and indeed grading recipes beyond puree to more solid foods. It enables parents to get going with the feeding process, and then branch out themselves to make whatever they choose. I’m all for parents not relying on endless information overload, so equipping them with the confidence to prepare baby and child friendly meals is a plus.


The only potential downside I can see is the relatively small jug size, but of course that’s what makes it compact, so pros and cons. There is a 4-in-1 version that also defrosts and reheats (not yet tested), and which has a slightly larger jug size. It just means you can’t make 25 meals all at the same time, but the process is so quick, you really don’t need to.