What:   Device for Sleep Settling
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Age:     All ages
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Sleep Settling

  • A simple, yet ingenious device that creates the sensation of motion felt by a baby in a moving pram – all from a stationary position

  • Created to assist a baby who can’t sleep, won’t sleep, or is unsettled at sleep times



One of the problems with sleep settling devices is that what works for one baby is no way guaranteed to work for another. Kind of makes sense, and means that it is difficult for retailers to make claims that can be substantiated across ages and stages.


We’ve all heard the stories of parents packing the newborn in the car in the middle of the night to drive the streets and put them to sleep. There are a million other techniques utilised to save parents’ sleep and sanity, and it can certainly get to the stage where a sleep-deprived parent will try anything to improve sleep quality.


Is the Pramrolla one of those things to try? Sure. Why not? Nothing to lose. It works on the premise that some babies naturally sleep better when in motion rather than lying still in a cot or bassinet. Clearly that’s on a case by case basis and your baby may not be one of the relevant cases.


So rather than pacing the hallway wheeling your baby back and forth in the pram, the Pramrolla promises to allow you to be handsfree and let it happen automatically.


From my experience, and that of my patients who have trialled this device, the benefit is pretty hit and miss. There are common themes of “too loud”, “not enough movement” and “didn’t do very much”. My personal experience is similar. I was disappointed with how loud the device was. My newborn likes a pretty rough ride, and the Pramrolla didn’t help her at all. That’s not to say that other babies won’t find benefit, and there are certainly anecdotal testimonials on the product website.